Trust Declaration.

Purpose (Schedule 3)
To hold any digital asset wallet or other financial account for the purpose of meeting the fees, costs, and expenses associated with this Settlement and the Purposes, including the fees and expenses of the Trustees and the Enforcer and to apply such funds in furtherance of the same.
To faithfully and exclusively represent Members’ interests in permitting Delphia Group Companies and other third parties to collect and use their data.
To seek to:
 Put data contributed by Members to exciting or productive uses;
Ensure that Members receive a fair share of the returns resultant from the use of their data and its derivatives; and
Receive input from Members for due consideration by the Trustees in the course of the Trustees’ activities performed under this Settlement by providing infrastructure for Member communications with each other and the Trustees.
To negotiate on behalf of Members with Delphia Group Companies and other third parties to determine:
how Members' contributed data may be collected, processed, stored, and used (to include consideration of the data privacy and security practices of such Delphia Group Companies and other third parties); and
what consideration Members will receive in exchange for such permitted uses, including both financial and non-financial forms of compensation.